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Facility/Plan Relocation/Change of Location - Planning Guide

1.Management Review – The first Management Review that is held after the decision has been made to move or a move is being considered should consider the changes, risks, resource needs, etc. for the move. 

2.Communication – Both your customers and your Registrar should be informed of your intentions to move.

3.Resources – Review the new facility to make sure that adequate power, gas, water, networking cables, etc. are available at points of use.

4.Work Flow – Need to plan the layout for the new facility. It is advisable to keep Lean manufacturing principals in mind.

5.Document Control – Must recall all QMS documents per the distribution list and reissue them at the new facility. Make sure to update the distribution list to reflect the new facility distribution scheme.

6.Records Control – Need to plan the transport of all records and where they will be stored at the new facility. Records must be protected and the records procedure and/or records table updated to reflect new facility records 

7.Identification & Traceability – Need to plan how you will assure that all identification & traceability will be maintained during the move. Make sure to include Work In Progress.

8.Customer Property – Need to inventory customer property before and after the move (this includes materials, parts, tooling, etc.) and make sure that it is protected during transport. 

9.Tooling Control – Both company and customer owned property must have a recorded inspection/condition check after it is in storage at the new facility.

10.Preservation of Product – All materials must be preserved during transport. This includes Shelf Life products. Need to make sure shelf life products are stored in a manner which assures “first in - first out”.

11.Validation of Production Equipment – Every production machine must have a first piece performed in order to validate that it is still performing properly.

12.FAIR – For Aerospace, the first production run of every part must have a new First Article Inspection Report completed.

13.Calibrated Equipment – Calibrated equipment must be packaged and transported in such a way to assure that the equipment remains in tolerance. All calibrated equipment must be visually inspected as it is unpacked at the new facility. It is recommended but not required to have it recalibrated prior to use at the new facility.

14.Communication #2 – After the move is complete, customers and your registrar should be notified. For Aerospace, your OASIS account must be updated to reflect your new facility location.

15.Internal Audit – Once the facility is up and running an internal audit should be performed to assure the system is effectively in place.

16.Management Review #2 – After the internal audit, a Management Review should be held to discuss the move, and go over the results from the internal audit.

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