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Systematically improve your organizational performance

CMMI Consulting Services

Many organizations struggle to maintain a steady pace of improvement. Typically, process improvement gaps occur due to the lack of a clear improvement methodology. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) fills this gap. CMMI streamlines process improvement and encourages productive, efficient behaviors that decrease risks in software, product and service development.


Suitable for projects, teams or entire organizations, CMMI is a powerful process and behavioral improvement tool. While useful in any industry, CMMI is a common requirement for DoD and U.S. Government contacts, especially in software development.


My Cyber X enables organizations to implement the latest version of CMMI (V 2.0) for process level improvement training and appraisal. State-of-the-art CMMI methodology leads to enhanced performance to consistently develop better products and services. 


The CMMI Model


CMMI helps improve performance by implementing targeted guidance for processes and behavior. Methodology ranges from developing measurable benchmarks to creating a structure for encouraging productive, efficient behavior throughout the organization.


CMMI Version 2.0 places an added emphasis on performance. This involves clearly defining an organization’s performance needs and understanding how performance impacts business results. Performance goals and goal tracking can be established in line with every level of business maturity. 


Advantages of CMMI Version 2.0 include:


  • Improves integration with agile and Scrum processes

  • Enhances focus on safety and security

  • Lowers the overall cost of appraisals and shortens appraisal cycles

  • Reduces the amount of technical knowledge required

  • Makes it easier to demonstrate CMMI ROI


CMMI Maturity Levels


The CMMI model breaks down organizational maturity into five levels, from ‘Incomplete’ to ‘Optimizing’. As businesses move up each successive level, a constant focus is placed on performance maintenance and ongoing improvements. The goal is to reach and sustain CMMI Level 5 where organizational processes remain stable, resilient and flexible. 


A CMMI Level 5 organization is in a constant state of improvement while fully capable of responding to changes, challenges and opportunities. At CMMI Level 5, a fundamentally stable and predictable environment is achieved which allows for more agility and innovation.


CMMI Capability Levels


The CMMI capability levels are used to appraise an organization’s performance and process improvement as it applies to an individual practice area. Capability assessment brings structure to process and performance improvement.


A CMMI Capability Level 3 organization is described as ‘Defined’. This means the business has a clear focus on achieving project and organizational performance objectives. A CMMI Capability Level 3 company has well-defined organizational standards in place for addressing projects in a particular practice area.


Proven CMMI Expertise


CMMI performance benchmarks and goals help you ensure your projects and processes reach the highest level of cost-effectiveness and profitability. 


My Cyber X provides high-level CMMI consulting for businesses of all sizes that desire to improve their organizational performance. Our team will evaluate your current environment, assess risk, guide strategy and provide the latest CMMI methodology. 

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